martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Application for Android Phone El Cuervo Water polo

Application for Android Phone El Cuervo Water polo

Nice Waterpolo video's right on your telephone!
This application shows all movies of El Cuervo's Youtube Channel right on your telephone.

Order all moves by rating, views and also by the published date.

1.Changelog 1.21:
2.You can now watch El Cuervo Blog news items on your android phone.
3.Fixed the way search requests were processed.
4.Changelog 1.1:
5.Added the possibility for users to remove the advertisements!!
6.Changelog 1.02:
7.Fixed some force close errors when no rating is given for a movie
8.Changelog 1.0:
9.Reworked the Homescreen to fit the design
10.Added a link to the Blog of El Cuervo
11.Fixed two freezing bugs
12.Added the possibility to search for keywords

Aqui teneis la página de descarga desde vuestro ordenador o si no en la Applicacion de market.

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