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Champions League LEN 2012-13

Day of the MatchName Club 1Final ScoreName Club 2
09/16/2012 12:00Ligamus Tbilisi
Vitbich Vitebsk
09/16/2012 10:15Club Natacio Sabadell12 - 5Klub Sportowy Arkonia Szczecin
09/15/2012 19:00Ligamus Tbilisi
Club Natacio Sabadell
09/15/2012 17:15Klub Sportowy Arkonia Szczecin6 - 8Vitbich Vitebsk
09/14/2012 19:00Ligamus Tbilisi16 - 4Klub Sportowy Arkonia Szczecin
09/14/2012 17:15Club Natacio Sabadell6 - 7Vitbich Vitebsk

Ranking Group A

PositionNamePlayedWinTieLooseGoal ScoredGoal ConcededPoints
1Vitbich Vitebsk220015126
2Club Natacio Sabadell210118123
3Ligamus Tbilisi11001643
4Klub Sportowy Arkonia Szczecin300315360

Day of the MatchName Club 1Final ScoreName Club 2
09/16/2012 10:45Schwimmclub Kreuzlingen8 - 19Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille
09/16/2012 09:00Jarfalla Simsallskap7 - 17SSK Waterpolo Slagelse Svommeklub
09/15/2012 18:45Schwimmclub Kreuzlingen23 - 9Jarfalla Simsallskap
09/15/2012 17:00Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille21 - 6SSK Waterpolo Slagelse Svommeklub
09/14/2012 18:45Schwimmclub Kreuzlingen12 - 11SSK Waterpolo Slagelse Svommeklub
09/14/2012 17:00Jarfalla Simsallskap1 - 29Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille

Ranking Group B

PositionNamePlayedWinTieLooseGoal ScoredGoal ConcededPoints
1Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille330069159
2Schwimmclub Kreuzlingen320143396
3SSK Waterpolo Slagelse Svommeklub310234403
4Jarfalla Simsallskap300317690
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