miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2007


Great interest and enthusiasm for the HABA WABA FESTIVAL, the ball-in-water game, from the European Federations that were present at the LEN Conference in Brussels the 29 of September 2007.

The Haba Waba Festival plan has been introduced to the LEN Conference by the Great Hungarian Player Tamas Kasas, as testimonial of the event.

The WPD delegation, composed by the President Gabriele Pomilio, Bruno Cufino and Simon Botto has been able to find a great interest of many European Federations and the connected National Team Coaches. It has been able also to tighten some very important european and extracontinental relations, in order to find lymph, new partners and all the sharing for a strategy finalized to throw the bases for a capillary spread of our sport in the five continents. The Festival, is reserved to the 8 - 9 years old children, but will involve the entire family of the participants. It is going to have a very simple formula whose main characteristics can be found in the Haba Waba Web Site ( www.habawaba.com ).

The Waterpolo Development organization is moreover sure to obtain the sponsorship of the UNICEF,

partner of the LEN for the initiative "Save water for every child".

Now a delicate and most important phase begins: to estimate the numerous candidacies of the countries available to organize the event and its promotion, in order to reach the highest number of the participants. This is a moment of great difficulty for the Waterpolo: widespread in many european countries, but not so much practised in other continents. The possibility to involve a wide number of nations (joined by the desire of 8\9 years old children to play in water) in a Special and Unique event, can mean an important phase to construct a wide and solid base for the development of WP. The “Waterpolo Development”, thanking the LEN and all the present European Federations for the kind availability given at the HABA WABA FESTIVAL plan, invites Federations, Clubs and any passionate, to contact the WPD secretaryship.

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