martes, 15 de mayo de 2007

Tercer partido de cuartos de Final de Liga Italiana 07. Brescia vs Cremona

Así ha quedado el cuadro después del partido disputado ayer entre el Brescia y el Cremona.

Vídeo de los Goles.

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Hélcio Brasileiro dijo...

El Cuervo no nordeste brasileiro?
Un pequeno regalo.

Hélcio Brasileiro dijo...


perdon, no hablo espanol. te importas se escrevo em inglês?

Ceará is a brazilian state 3.000 km away from Rio, where I was born and lived until I was 25 (and played for Fluminense). It´s in northeast, the poorest region of our country.

On the other hand, we have wonderful beachies here, incredible landscapes.

Ceará spent more than 15 years without Water Polo practicing. Even before, it has been always played in a lower level os quality than Rio and São Paulo.

Two years ago, a group of old players decided to reestart our loved sport here. So, we made friends from other states and, only with our willingness, created an independent event, which retired players or players without much experience, could have fun all together.

The idea is developing water polo in many regions where it pratically didn´t exist before. We are getting our aim. In september, nex edition will be played in a forest reserve, in a natural pool - in a matter os fact, a lake - with a waterfall behind the goal.

Maybe someday, even without minnimum support from the people who are paid for that, we will see water polo developing all around of our huge country.

Muchas gracias!